Calculator for CV, SV, CPI, SPI

Calculator for Cost/Schedule Performance Index (CPI/SPI) & Variances

Whether you need to compute the cost performance index (CPI), the schedule performance index (SPI), the cost variance (CV) or schedule variance (SV) for your project, self-study or PMP exam preparation, you will find this calculator useful.

Simply fill in your actual cost, your planned value for a particular period or cumulative for the entire project. The calculator will determine the cost variance (CV), the schedule variance (SV), the cost performance index (CPI) and the schedule performance index (SPI) incl. an interpretation of the results.

Introduction to the CPI / SPI Calculator

These measures can be calculated either per period (e.g. a single project phase or a timeframe) or cumulative over several periods or project phases. The formulae have been incorporated in accordance with the PMI Project Management Body of Knowledge (source: PMBOK®, 6th ed., ch. Data Analysis, p. 261-264).

If you need more background of these indicators, make sure you read our dedicated article on cost performance index and schedule performance index where we also introduce the abovementioned variances.

Input Parameters

For the calculation of the cost variance, schedule variance, cost performance index and schedule performance index, the following input parameters are required:

The input parameters are planned value, earned value and actual cost. These indicators are often calculated in monetary units (e.g. USD) or work-time units (e.g. man-days).

Input Parameter Short Definition Required for CV and CPI? Required for SV and SPI?
Planned Value (PV) budget before management reserve that was authorized for the reference period of the calculation No Yes
Earned Value (EV) materialized progress of a project, i.e. part of the budget allocated to work that has been accomplished Yes Yes
Actual Cost (AC) amount of cost incurred for the authorized work performed Yes No

Cost Variance (CV) and Cost Performance Index (CPI) Calculator

Fill in the earned value (EV) and the actual cost (AC) to calculate the cost variance (CV) and cost performance index (CPI) and see the interpretation.

Schedule Variance (SV) and Schedule Performance Index (SPI) Calculator

In order to compute the schedule variance (SV) and schedule performance index (SPI), populate the tool with planned value and earned value of your project.


If you are preparing for the PMP certification exam and want to train your cost management capabilities, make up some numbers yourself, calculate the indicators yourself, feed the calculator with the input parameters and compare the results.

We hope you have found this small CV / SV / CPI / SPI calculator useful. You might also be interested in our Estimate at Completion (EAC) calculator and this overall introduction to earned value analysis. If you have any feedback or suggestions, feel free to let us know!