Title Cost benefit analysis checklist

Cost-Benefit Analysis Checklist for Project Managers (Free Download)

Compiling a cost-benefit analysis for different project or investment alternatives can be a burdensome exercise. Collecting data from numerous sources, coming up with assumptions, calculating different approaches, and interpreting the results can be confusing even for experienced project managers.

This checklist will help you to conduct a cost-benefit analysis in a structured and well-organized way. It provides guidance on:

  • developing the scope and purpose of your CBA,
  • defining relevant assumptions,
  • identifying the right KPIs and formulas,
  • forecasting and calculating the value of investment/project options, and
  • consolidating and comparing the results.

Use the link below (or click on the screenshot) to download the PDF checklist for free:

If you need more details about the cost-benefit analyses in project management and the way they are done, read this in-depth article (incl. step-by-step instruction and comparison of calculation approaches):